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The Caddies of St. Andrews

The Caddies of St. Andrews is a documentary that I made for my Harvard junior year film class, back in 2006. It’s 23-minutes long, and comes in Standard Definition H.264 MP4 format. Uncle Ken and Henry are in it. The caddies are in it. My shadow is sometimes in it. I hope this all pleases you.

I’ve decided to make this film available on a “Pay What You Want” basis. Here’s what it means: If you can afford to pay a couple bucks –– great. If not, totally fine. I’ll still love you.

To purchase the film, just click on the icon, and select how much, if anything, you’d like to pay. (A million would be really good. A million and one dollar would just be ridiculous). Then enter your email address, and you’ll get a link to download the file. Then it’s yours, forever. Like the magic of Christmas.

And now...I have to say something kind of important:

I’m putting this file on my website in an extremely easy to use format. There is no DRM, no region limits, nothing. You can watch this on your computer, on your ipad...burn this to a DVD...anything. But please, please, pretty-please, don’t “torrent” this film, or put this on Youtube, or anything like that. That would make me sad.

I hope you like the film. And I hope you like Uncle Ken’s giggle.