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Testimonials for Oliver Horovitz’s “A Taste of Scotland”

“Listening to Ollie was great! To see him in his element describing the time of his life while our members sat in awe listening to his every word, and laughing at every small joke like he was performing stand up was great. We love to do events that the membership appreciates and that they would go back and tell all of their friends about, and Oliver Horovitz certainly provided that. We look forward to seeing him again at our club.” 

Larry Marx, General Manager, Diablo Country Club

“We hosted an event at our club for friends and clients, and we were so happy with Ollie’s engaging personality. The feedback we received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive and several people have already commented how much they’ve enjoyed the book. If you’re looking for a fun, non-traditional event, “book” your Evening in Scotland today!” 

Bryan Pieper, Trailhead Wealth Management, LLC

“The golf experiences and stories that Oliver presented to our event were captivating.  All of our members thoroughly enjoyed the evening far beyond expectation, and it was our club's best ever golf event off the course. The member feedback about the event since then has been through the roof ... Thanks again Oliver.”

Bill Wallis, Head Pro, New Haven Country Club

“Thanks so much for availing yourself to the Mira Vista membership. Your presentation was outstanding to say the least and one month later, continues to be talked about amongst our members. Also, thanks for playing golf with our members during your visit. It is very evident that you have played a lot of links golf, as your iron tee shots were…right to left every time, lots of roll and sure did cheat the wind - pure Scottish golf! Please come back and visit anytime.”

Ron Svien, General Manager, Mira Vista Golf & Country Club

“What a treat to have Ollie speak at Chenal Country Club! He was professional, charismatic and very engaging with our Members. He took the time as he was signing books to speak with each Member and listen to their experiences. And he was very funny! Lots of great stories and insider information. It was a very memorable evening for all who attended.”

Aaron Dawson, General Manager, Chenal Country Club

“Ollie’s recent book tour at the Cherry Valley Club gave us all even more than we expected. His unique personality brought the book to life and created a fun atmosphere at the same time.”

Ed Kelly, Head Pro, The Cherry Valley Club

“Oliver entertained all of my members with his stories, starting with being a trainee caddie at St. Andrews to proving himself to the other veteran caddies and especially the Caddie Master which was no small feat. Learn the inner language of caddies for a fun round, tipping, and of course, life in the caddie shack. For those of you who learned the game of golf as a caddie, know of the caddie way of life, or just simply have a soft spot for caddies, this is a must-have presentation for you and your members.”

David Tiedemann, Head Pro, Shelter Harbor Golf Club

“Ollie has a wonderful tale to tell that is heartwarming, hilarious, and informative all rolled into one. He is a wealth of knowledge about golf, the Old Course in St. Andrews, and all of the funny stuff that goes on behind the scenes in the caddie shack. We recently hosted him to a packed house of golfers and non-golfers alike, and everyone walked away with a smile a mile wide. If you like golf, you are going to love Ollie Horovitz, the American Caddie in St. Andrews!”

Rich Konys, President, Onondaga Golf & Country Club

“I want to thank Oliver Horovitz for an outstanding, laugh-out-loud evening at Wee Burn. His behind the scenes look at the birthplace of golf is appropriate for all. I would recommend Ollie for a highly entertaining evening!”

Sam Wiley, Head Pro, Wee Burn Country Club

“Oliver Horovitz did a talk and book signing at Naples National Golf Club in Naples, Florida on January 9, 2015. He is an incredibly polished and entertaining speaker who engaged and captivated his audience. In addition to being a nice person and golf lover Ollie has a terrific sense of humor. It was a very successful engagement.”

Bill Safrin, Head Pro, Naples National Golf Club

“Oliver spent an evening with my Membership at Old Chatham Golf Club and the night was a tremendous success. The stories and anecdotes from his time in St. Andrews were both funny and heartwarming. I would recommend highly to anyone that Oliver come speak for you and most definitely to read his book An American Caddie in St. Andrews. You’ll love it and you will also find out how to stay out of his next book.”

John Marino, Head Pro, Old Chatham Golf Club

“Oliver brings a very unique perspective as a caddie to the St. Andrews golf experience.  He is a talented story teller and truly has a love for the game of golf, as well as the friendships he has made during his journey. Our members were captivated by his colorful recollection of encounters during Oliver’s time at the Old Course and the town of St. Andrews.”

Adam Brigham, Head Pro, Waynesborough Country Club

“Our Odyssey Group books 6 to 7 speakers each year for our Yacht and Golf Club membership. We had over 300 people attend the talk given by Oliver, and everyone found him thoroughly entertaining! His talk was incredibly interesting, often poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny! We highly recommend Ollie as a speaker for your club.”

Daisy Davis, Odyssey Group, Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club

“We have roughly 30 golfing members here at Sewickley Heights Golf Club that either have been to St. Andrews or plan a yearly trip. Once Ollie began to speak it transported them all back to that most memorable experience. We also had a number of avid golfers in the crowd who after hearing Ollie speak were ready to call their travel agent! Ollie shared his experiences beautifully and showed great value to our membership. We were so happy to have him.”

Joseph C. Conver, GM/COO, Sewickley Heights Golf Club

“Having been a looper myself as a kid, having earned the Evans Scholarship, and now being a Director for the Western Golf Association, I have a great appreciation for the life experiences that Ollie shares in such a colorful and engaging way as both an author and as a speaker.  Caddying teaches many life-lessons, and Ollie’s portrayal of this demanding job, combined with fascinating characters in the form of both caddies and golfers, paints a vivid picture of this unique side of the great game of golf.  His presentation truly deserves a little something for the effort!”

Robert Webster, Director, Western Golf Association

“I’m delighted to recommend Oliver for an evening of conversation on all things golf! Caddy stories, St. Andrews, friendships on and off the course, the bonds that that make the game so great are all delivered in an intelligent, heart-felt and often hilarious way. Haste ye back, Ollie!”

Iain Mossman, General Manager, The Old Collier Golf Club

“Not only is Ollie a terrific caddy, he is a magnificent writer and story teller.  The combination of an elegant scotch tasting and Ollie telling hilarious and poignant stories made for a memorable evening at Mirabel.  I look forward to having Ollie back to the club soon.”

David Engram, Head Pro, Mirabel Country Club

“Oliver Horovitz is a 'must have' speaker.  Whether it is at your Club or another event, Oliver’s book and talk suit any event perfectly.  I’ve had Oliver speak at Talbot Country Club, for the Greater Baltimore Club Manager’s Association and my current Club, Bald Peak Colony Club. Each time, the event was a hit. The members really love Oliver’s welcoming personality and genuine intrigue with golf and the Club business. The timing of his talk is just right. We have all been at too many talks that drag on.  His does not and people love it. He is witty and engaging. Highly recommended!”

Christopher Wyles, General Manager, Bald Peak Colony Club

“Oliver Horovitz spoke at the Maidstone Club in East Hampton on Sunday, August 23, 2015. His talk was the hit of the season! His description of life in St. Andrews, Scotland was both interesting and very funny. Everyone loved getting the inside story of life on this famed course. He is an unusually engaging speaker, amusing both a younger and older audience. His professionalism is an added bonus. I was truly delighted to have a chance to meet Ollie, a charming and talented person.”

Tania Pouschine, Summer Lecture Series Committee Member, The Maidstone Club

“Oliver, thank you for a most entertaining talk about you caddying experiences at St. Andrews. Your reflections about being a caddie gave the members of Merion Golf Club a wonderful perspective on the game we all love. Your remarks also gave us insights into the caddies themselves, those special and unique individuals who add so much to the game of golf. Caddies share our triumphs, and the challenges we all face, which makes the shared experience so very special. Your anecdotes were as informative as they were entertaining. Thank you for a most enjoyable evening.”

Harry E. Hill, President, Merion Golf Club